• Product: SJ-I Necking machine

        SJ-I Necking machine, a type of non-cutting processing equipment, has advantages such as high efficiency, simple workmanship, easy operation, raw material saving, and stable quality. It sends, with hydraulic technology, hole shrinkage parts like round bar steel and deformed steel bar to special-purpose abrasive tool for chilling shrink molding. The density of shrunk steel can be improved considerably, thus enhancing the tensile strength of the material. While plasticity and impact toughness are not reduced so that the strengths of screw thread part and rod part are the same, thus overcoming the drawback of reduced stretching resistance and impact toughness from the peeling lathe.

        Technical Parameters

        Necking range(may special made by users)    ∮12-∮30mm
        Necking length    10mm-150mm
        Necking breadth    ≤2mm
        Necked extend length    10%-15%
        Working effciency(not include turning time)    5-7P/M
        Hydraulic system max pressure    15Mpa
        Main motor power    15kw
        Size(mm)    1870×1220×1580mm
        Weight    2300kg
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