• Product: Aneroid Thread Rolling Machine Model Z28-80A

        Aneroid Thread Rolling Machine Model Z28-80A

        This model is the special equipment to process through bolt ranging from ∮4-∮16mm. When dealing with clamping bolt,not only has the work efficieng doubled, but also the quality increased by overcoming under gauge. The through bolt is widely used for mechanical installation, air conditioner mounting and communications equipment fitting.

        Technical Parameters

        Working Dia


        Center Distance of Main shaft


        OD of Roller


        Rotary speed of Main shaft


        BD of Roller


        Main Power


        Roller Width max


        Thread Length

        (no limits)

        Dip Angle of Manin Shaft

        ±5° Weight 1500kg
        Size 1370×1330×1440mm
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