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Hebei Xinggong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in xingjiawan Town, Ren county, Hebei Province, with a long history of machinery manufacturing. The company is a member of China Machinery Parts Association, founded in 1984. In the course of more than 30 years of development, from small to large, from weak to strong, the company has trained a number of high-quality and technically hard managers and staff. At present, wire rolling machine tool is the dominant product of the company. The products have four series and more than 20 varieties, which are sold all over the country. The annual output of the company reaches more than 1200 sets, and some products are exported to Asia, Africa and other countries and regions. Due to the management in place, leading technology, reliable quality and perfect service, the company successfully passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification in August 2003, "Xinggong" trademark was recognized as a famous trademark of Hebei Province, and the wire rolling machine was awarded the title of "high quality product of Hebei Province".

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The company's main products are z28-40, z28-80, z28-200 and zc28-6.3 three-axis wire rolling machines. The products are widely applicable to the processing of marked parts and non-standard parts. In the cold state, the rolling of thread, straight thread, twill and modulus thread can be completed. Now, aiming at the production and processing of high-strength bolts and the processing and manufacturing of mine anchor rods, our company has developed: diameter shrinking machine, cold rolling round machine, cold rolling flat twist machine, twist anchor rod machine, four-axis wire rolling machine and reflection furnace, providing users with special equipment and complete sets of equipment for professional production. Adhering to many years of professional manufacturing experience, it is welcomed by the majority of users for its excellent manufacturing, convenient maintenance and reasonable price.

The company has sales offices and after-sales service departments in large standard parts production bases in China to provide users with nearby purchase, timely service, technical consultation and spare parts supply business. "Xinggong" company is willing to create a better tomorrow for the fastener industry with high-quality products and perfect service.

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